Accurate’s finish options depend on the base material of the specific product. Below is a list of standard architectural finishes available in Accurate’s mortise locks. 

Flush pulls, Harmon hinges, and other trim pieces are typically machined from brass and plated or antiqued as required. Certain finishes may be available as a special order. Please call AFF-USA for assistance on these products. 

If the desired finish is not listed, please call Us. Our Sales  will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Finish Group 1

SATIN BRASS US4 | 606us4-satin-brass-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


SATIN BRASS + NO LACQUER US4NL us4nl-satin-brass-no-lacque-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


SATIN CHROME US26D | 626us26d-satin-chrome-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


SATIN STAINLESS STEEL US32D | 630us32d-satin-stainless-steel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg



Finish Group 2

US3NL POLISHED BRASS + NO LACQUERus3nl-polished-brass-no-lacque-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


POLISHED BRASS US3 | 605us3-polished-brass-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


POLISHED BRONZE US9 | 611us9-polished-bronze-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


SATIN BRONZE US10 | 612us10-satin-bronze-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


OIL RUBBED BRONZE US10B | 613us10b-oil-rubbed-bronze-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


POLISHED NICKEL US14 | 618us14-polished-nickel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


SATIN NICKEL US15 | 619us15-satin-nickel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


OXIDIZED BLACK + LACQUER US19 | 622us19-oxidized-black-lacquer-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


POLISHED CHROME US26 | 625 BRIGHTus26-polished-chrome-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


STAINLESS STEEL US32 | 629us32-bright-stainless-steel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg

Special Architectural Finishes

BURNISHED BRASS BBbb-burnished-brass-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


TARNISHED BRASS TBtb-tarnished-brass-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


SATIN BRASS + BLACK US5 | 609us5-satin-brass-black-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


BURNISHED NICKEL BNbn-burnished-nickel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


TARNISHED NICKEL TNtn-tarnished-nickel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


ELECTROLESS NICKEL ESNesn-electroless-nickel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


ANTIQUE NICKEL US15A | 620us15a-antique-nickel-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg



DURONOTIC DURO SATURATED OXIDIZED BLACK + LACQUER, LESS LINES US19LLus19llg-oxidized-black-less-lines-lacquer-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


CERAKOTE GLOSS AND MATTEcerakote-gloss-and-matte-hres-accurate-hardware.jpg


Finish swatches shown here are approximations and appearance may vary based on screen viewing. Please keep in mind that living finishes are designed to age gracefully. There may be a variation between finish samples and final products due to our finishing process done by hand.