The  AFF-USA Company was established from our love of the beautifully-crafted door hardware. 
We started by introducing European door hardware designs and adapting them to meet stringent American building and safety standards. Since then, we have grown into a leading international distributor and service provider for Architectural Hardware.
Our innovation extends to offering custom designs and special finishes that enable our clients to articulate their architectural or interior design.
Also, we customize value engineer products to help our clients to overcome practical or budget limitations. 
AFF-USA Inc. provides Door Hardware for demanding homeowners, architects, and interior designers with a characteristic range of products.
 We listen to our clients' needs to source what they seek, and we provide a highly personalized service to assist the design and building process to run as smoothly as possible. 
If you appreciate style and quality, we invite you to discover our beautiful products and consider the positive impact their inclusion will have on your project. 
What makes us different? 
We promote honesty, integrity, old fashioned service, and values in every aspect of our business. We are personally involved in selecting products that we believe to be of exceptional design, quality, and functionality. AFF-USA are fastidious about which products we sell.  We work closely with Architects and Interior Designers to ensure that they select the right fittings to complement and enhance their projects. Our close relationship with our suppliers enables us to provide a bespoke service to our customers.
Let us know what you need, and we will do what we can to turn your dreams into reality. 
We offer peace of mind by guaranteeing our products' quality and delivering a high level of service before, during, and after completing the project.
We are a full-service company, from hardware scheduling to the installation of our products.
All of our products are manufactured in USA or  Europe. 
We do not sell products made in China.
We love to talk! 
We're not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net?  Contact us.
Thanks for shopping with us!